Murielle is a Creative Consultant ( Creative Direction, Fashion Stylist, Design, Branding & Marketing, Producer
and Thinker based to NYC.
French-born, Murielle travelled throughout her youth and studied internationally, an experience that equipped her with a global creative vision and broad frame of references.
Her aesthetic is highly inspired by Parisian elegancy, contemporary edgy street style and traditional visions from worldwide cultures. She enjoys mixing prints, shapes and textures to create timeless & feminine looks. 
. She works internationally with clients like Hermes, Vuitton, Netflix, HBO, Saint-James, Vanessa Bruno, Le Tranoï, A&E Networks, Kehinde Wiley, Kenzo, and many more…
She has spent her career at the intersection of design, film, fashion, luxury and lifestyle.
As she moves between all these varied spaces, Murielle says her work is always grounded in her admiration of women; Their characters, their essences and how they move with and through the world.
Murielle's flair for fashion & Design and her love of storytelling through visual imagery is what makes her invaluable to all of her clients.
Generating, together, creative energy for the research and production stages is a vital step for both the individual and the ensemble. Meeting, exchanging, sharing, complementing and stimulating each other, refining ideas, bouncing ideas off each other, arousing desire, rejoicing in satisfaction, it’s for these sentiments that we love our job!
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